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D.A.V. Public School

At D.A.V. Public School, we constantly strive to challenge ourselves to create a culture of transformation so that our children are motivated to move beyond themselves to express creativity, pursue innovation and discovery, and become morally and socially responsible citizens committed to create a better society. Our vision of teaching encompasses all that a child needs to know, imbibe and articulate on his/her journey from childhood to adulthood. We aim to provide effective teaching and learning situations, which help students to develop critical thinking, problem solving, oral and written communication skills and ethical behavior. We equip our students with life skills which will help them to become what they are meant to be - sensitive, caring, intelligent persons who are a credit to all those who have had a role in their upbringing.

Our Quality Policy aims at:

  • Creating an ambience of growth through personal attention to every child by fortifying their strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses.
  • Nurturing students to grow into socially conscious, spiritually sound and commercially viable individuals equipped with latest education and sound ethical values.
  • Providing opportunities of self-growth through optimum use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
  • Continual improvement of processes, systems, personnel, infrastructure and facilities.
  • Client satisfaction